Python Skills You’ll Learn With INNSIRE

INNSIRE Python classes range from an introductory course on Python for Non-Programmers to advanced applications of Python 3 programming, Python for data science, and more. Our Python courses will teach you:

  • Data structures and data sets

  • Python modules like NumPy, Panda, and Pillow

  • Programming skills for joining Python with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flask, and Django for web development and web applications

  • Python for deep learning, data science, and machine learning

  • Syntax

  • Strings and console output

  • Functions

  • Regular expressions

  • JSON

  • APIs

  • Binary data


Advanced Python Courses

If you’ve mastered the basics of Python, advanced courses from INNSIRE Training Centers can help take your skills as a Python developer or data scientist to the next level. Our live, instructor-led classes or our self-study On-Demand training can give you the Python programming skills to advance your career like

  • Binary, Unary, and Comparison operators

  • Linked lists

  • Threads

  • Class-object construction

  • Class relationships

  • SQLAlchemy

  • Software development

  • Django

  • Clustering

  • Pandas


Python Instructor-led Classes
Click the title of the classes marked with the green flag () to see specific locations and dates of Ready to Run classes.  Click the title of the classes marked with the yellow flag () to see specific locations and dates of Early Notice classes.