Selenium WebDriver Training with Java

Selenium WebDriver Training with Java

Get started with Selenium and discover how this open-source tool can run on any platform, learn how to use on a wide variety of tools like Firebug, Fire Path, Eclipse, JUnit4, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Server (formerly called RC Server) and the latest Selenium WebDriver along Maven.  

In this course, you’ll learn Java fundamentals and gain the critical skills you need to test your web applications, you’ll also create and manage a data-driven framework solution (connecting to MS SQL Server database) using JUnit4 and TestNG frameworks. 

 After enrolling this course an attendee will learn:  

  • The fundamental theories of software QA testing that covers- software testing objectives, processes, test strategies, and testing procedures.  
  • To do System testing, re-testing, regression testing, and system integration testing and UAT, etc.  
  • The preparation of testing plan, outlining test scenarios, designing test cases and data, leading testing operations, managing defects and generating various test reports.  
  • To do functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, load testing, performance testing, stress testing, security testing, and compatibility testing, etc.  
  • Understand the implementation of the testing process using likely tools, such as- JIRA.  
  • Proficient in SQL queries writing and executing in Oracle and MSQL server.  

Learning Outcomes:  

After completing this course, an attendee will be able to   

  • Preparing the Testing Environment & Selenium IDE 
  • Selenium WebDriver & Finding Elements 
  • Enhancing Test Scripts with Java; JUnit & TestNG Frameworks 
  • Driven Testing with  Excel 
  • Test Reporting Methods & Scheduling Tests with MAVEN 
  • Data-Driven Testing with JDBC & Page Objects 
  • Jenkins & Maven with Setting up a continuous integration and a continuous deployment environment 

Selenium WebDriver Training with Java and Cucumber

The complete course duration for instructor-led package is Four (04) months with 02 projects for the portfolio.

Pre-requisites: Basic computer Knowledge, SQA Manual Testing, SQL, Java